Pink Slip

What is a rego check? What is a pink slip?

To register your car for driving each year, the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) requires that you have it checked for roadworthiness by an authorised mechanic. This check is called a registration check (it’s also now known as an RMS vehicle safety check).

You will get a ‘pink slip’ from the mechanic off the back of a successful registration check. This confirms that your car is safe to drive. Rego checks take approximately 30 minutes to complete and results are valid for 6 months..

The pink slip, together with the green slip from your preferred car insurance provider, will enable you to renew your vehicle registration for another 12 months.

What if my car fails the rego check?

If we find any problems with your vehicle we will issue you with a ‘white slip’ valid for 14 days. It shows your vehicle requires repairs before it can be registered.

An authorised RMS safety inspection station

Global tyres and Mechanical is also a registered RMS e-Safety station. This means we will automatically lodge your RMS rego check inspection results with the RMS. It saves you the time of having to visit the RMS office in person.

We can also help you fix any minor mechanical problems.

Once the necessary repairs are carried out, your vehicle will receive a pink slip verifying it is roadworthy and safe.